Linkblogging For 09/02/11

I’m a few days behind with my planned posts, as I’ve been suffering from insomnia that has made coherent thought a rare blessing. With luck I’ll get back on track tomorrow, but for now, some links.

The No To Fair Votes campaign announced a series of debates last month – and have not as yet invited the yes side.

Illogical Volume looks at the comics work of Josie Long in Dodgem Logic
. Incidentally, if you don’t recognise some of the links, click on them – they add a lot.

Plok on Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Bobsy looks at Phonogram, as compared to David Devant And His Spirit Wife

Overcoming Bias on how medicine may cause more harm than good

The Beach Boys partial reunion for the Reagan centennial on YouTube part 1, part 2. It’s just a run through the hits, but it’s so nice to see Al back with the band, even just for one show, and it’s got me hugely excited for the UK shows this July (fingers crossed Al will show up for those too…). Warning – part two contains both John Stamos and Kokomo.

Anti-reform unelected Labour lords introduce wrecking amendment to AV bill

A gorgeous piece of commissioned artwork by Gerhard at Cerebus The Original Artvaark

If you perform psychological experiments on chimps, humans and monkeys, but treat them all the same, a lot of the differences in response go away.

Big Media Vandalism continue their Black History Month posts with a look at the obscure Richard Pryor film Blue Collar

Leonard Pierce on the few things that actually were better in the old days

Remember that cute blog post that everyone was sharing a few months back about the little boy who dressed as Daphne from Scooby-Doo? His mum had threats of excommunication from her church over it.

And Lawrence Burton explains why he doesn’t like The Invisibles, with reference to Throbbing Gristle and Reg Varney.

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