Linkblogging For 04/02/11

Proper posts this weekend, on Cerebus and Doctor Who, but for now, here’s some links.

For those of you who, as I do, love the Monkees film Head, here’s a wonderful resource on it courtesy of comedy site Some Of The Corpses Are Amusing.

Leonard Pierce on extinct crimes

Big Media Vandalism are doing a series of pieces on Black History Month. This one looks at a Chris Rock documentary on why black people in the US straighten their hair, and the lengths they go to to do so, but all the pieces so far have been good.

It’s horribly vain of me to link this, but War Arrow on the Faction Paradox board has given my last book a glowing review. I’m proud of this because while I know him from that board and a couple of others, he’s not someone I know well enough that he’d feel obliged to say nice things about it.

Linda Jack on what she still likes about Nick Clegg. I agree – the focus on mental health makes up for a *lot* of bad things the current government are doing (not all of them, but a lot).

The difference between fuzzy logic and Bayesian probability

Sauropod Vertebrae Picture of The Week on how to find problems to work on

Lawrence Miles has come up with some new Doctor Who monsters

A mini-comic by Ronald Searle – the suicide and resurrection of an extremely small man

And finally, everyone now knows about Myths Retold, because Andrew Ducker linked it then Cavalorn forwarded the link to Neil Gaiman who told the entire universe, but in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, it’s a bloke who retells myths in a hilariously foul-mouthed manner that reminds me a little of Abhay Khosla (not quite that good, but still good). Here’s one about horse cocks.

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  1. Actually, I think I got it from Cavalorn on Twitter in the first place – probably in the same tweet that he used to tell Neil.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Ah, right – I knew I’d seen you both tweet it at almost exactly the same time, and thought you had it first.

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