Linkblogging For 30/01/11

Now that my book is out (still having problems with Lulu’s ePub authentication, but I will get that sorted soon) I can move on with my other writing projects again. Later today I’ll be posting my next Beach Boys post, I’ll be restarting my Doctor Who DVD reviews next weekend (I have to re-buy The Aztecs, as I brought it with me to the US to write the review last month, and Air France lost the bag), and some time this week I’m going to start a book-by-book look at Cerebus in detail. I’m also working on a short story to submit to the new Iris Wildthyme collection which has an open submission policy.

So you can expect a lot more Proper Writing from me in the next few weeks, but for now here’s some links.

(BTW I don’t intend to keep promoting the new book here, but I *would* appreciate some feedback on it from those of you who’ve bought it, either in comments here or on your own blogs.)

Via the Mindless Ones, here’s an absolutely amazing Shaky Kane piece, Monster Truck

One thing that’s always worried me is that legally, corporations have to behave like psychopaths. Overcoming Bias reports a step in the right direction in this regard.

A tip to men, though I would *hope* that most readers here wouldn’t need it – if you admire the blog of a scientist, the correct way to show this admiration is to make some comment about her ideas. “Your tits are incredible” is not likely to be appreciated.

Andrew Rilstone is very clearly and methodically demolishing the appaling Melanie Philips (who I thought idiotic when she was writing for the Observer fifteen years ago, let alone when she’s writing for the Mail now, after apparently having undergone a Sim-esque Damascene conversion to the lunatic right). Part 1, 2, 3, 4. I’ve said it before, but if I had to choose only one blog to justify the existence of the internet, it would be Rilstone’s.

In defence of infodumps

Your chocolate is made by enslaved children

Alleternalthings has two Jake Holmes albums for download

Birds can use their eyes to maintain quantum entanglement for longer than the best laboratory systems

And Liberal England has a Youtube clip of Bernard Righton, the politically correct working-men’s club comedian. I remember trying to explain this act to Holly once, as John Thompson was a neighbour of ours at our old house, but it’s an act which really is all in the performance.

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