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For those who’ve been asking, the status of the next book is:

It’s called Sci-Ence, Justice Leak!, and is a collection of essays on various subjects, but it has two strange attractors – the comics work of Grant Morrison and Doctor Who/Faction Paradox continuity. But other themes that crop up time and again are dying writers, liberalism, quantum theories of time, black holes, entropy, and the relation of creator, work and reader. There are more themes, too, but those are for you to dig out.

A big chunk of the material has appeared here as either the Hyperposts or Eschatology & Escapology series of posts, but there’s a few other essays that fit in that aren’t part of those series. The whole is, I think, bigger than the sum of its parts. It’s not a big book (it’ll come to ~100 pages, give or take) but it is, I think, a dense and rewarding read if you like the kind of thing I post here.

I’ve got about 5000 words still to write of it (one new essay, on the Doctor Who BBC books, plus introduction, afterword, bibliography etc) and I need to rewrite two chapters so they make sense without context (one is a response to a post by Millennium, another to a post by Plok) and do various bits of tidying (finding URLs for footnotes, converting images to greyscale, that sort of thing). This should be done by late Saturday. At that point, I’ll be emailing it to my crack team of draft-readers (Plok, David Allison, Millennium’s Daddy Richard and my wife Holly – last book there were some structural things a couple of readers picked up on, so I want many eyes to view this). Depending on their comments, I *should* be able to get a final draft together by the next weekend, so provisionally you’ll be able to buy it from my Lulu author page as hardback, paperback, PDF and ePub on Sunday the 23rd of January, if not sooner, and Amazon and the iBookstore shortly thereafter.

Unlike my last book, which has the advantage of being on the most mainstream subject ever, this is not a book anyone will ever come across by accident – it will at best appeal to a tiny niche within a tiny niche of a tiny niche. I’ll certainly never make enough money off it to compensate me for the time it’s taken. But I think the small number of people who’ll like it will like it a lot, so if you’re one of those – or you know someone who is – I’d appreciate people shouting about it from the rooftops so the ten people in the world for whom this is precisely their sort of thing will at least know it exists.

Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! – It’s got a black hole on the cover and no-one knows what it’s about. Ten days and counting…

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    Quick question

    Where can I find your first book?

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