Linkblogging For 04/01/11

Too sick to do much today (come down with some weird jaw infection – I think a glandular thing – that’s made me absolutely exhausted), so the half-completed articles on Superman and Mister Miracle will have to wait til tomorrow (as will the emails I need to send). Meanwhile, have a few links:

Lawrence Miles has started a fascinating new project – a new translation of the Iliad into English prose – which he’s tweeting a few verses at a time.


Ask A Physicist on how scientists turn ideas into maths.

Matt Seneca looks at a panel by Kyle Baker

Immigration raises, not lowers, wages for ‘native’ people

David Brothers is listening to the Beatles for the first time

The (Nonexistent) Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Consequences of Enthusiastic Consent

Chortle links to the best comedy on Spotify – notable for a link to the revue One Over The Eight, written by Peter Cook for Kenneth Williams, which Cook later cannibalised many sketches from for other stuff

And The Aporetic on individualism in America (warning, contains a very explicit, horrible photo of a lynching).

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