Coming Soon: My New Book

My new book, Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!, the ultra-expanded Hyperpost book, is nearly finished. I’m hoping that over the rest of the long weekend I can complete the last six parts, which I’ll be posting (at least some of) to here as they’re done. At that point, I’ll be emailing the draft to Pillock (I *will* get back to you!) and David Allison, who are going to proof-read it for me and add comments, and hopefully it’ll be out within a couple of weeks.

The topics it covers are – DC Comics (especially the work of Grant Morrison and Jack Kirby), Doctor Who, storytelling, the concepts of ‘canon’ and ‘continuity’, Faction Paradox, Cerebus, ‘imaginary stories’, quantum physics and the multiverse,

(I’ve also got to try to do a cover image for this one).

Here’s a preliminary chapter listing, which will give you some idea of the kind of thing it’s going to be:

On the subject of ‘Canon’
Doctor Who Unbound: Deadline
Are You Living In A Comic Book?
Hypertime And The Kingdom
Baby, Baby, Baby, You’re Out Of Time
52, Fanfic And Ralph Dibny’s Diary
Darkseid Is…
Liberalism And Cybernetics
Doctor Who And The Web Of Time *
Morrison And Kirby
The Grandfather Paradox: Experimentally Resolved?
Modernism, Post-Modernism and Morrisonism
Harry Potter And The Methods Of Rationality
Crisis On Infinite Crises *
I Am, I Am Superman, And I Can Do Anything
Nananananananana BATMAN!
The Gallifrey Chronicles
Kirby’s Darkseid
Stepping Back A Bit… More On Seven Soldiers
Quantum Physics And The DCU
Eschatology & Escapology 1: The Return Of Bruce Wayne
Eschatology & Escapology 2: They Call Me Mister Miracle
Eschatology & Escapology 3: Desperate Scientists, Last Hope
Eschatology & Escapology 4: Faction Paradox
Epilogue: Canon & Fugue

Essays marked * were originally going to be part of the E&E series, but have been merged with bits of essays I wrote as replies to Pillock and Millennium. They – and the Gallifrey Chronicles one – will now be exclusive to the book and will not be appearing here ever. Everything else has been reworked to a greater or lesser extent as well.

I secretly consider my Pop-Drama: Superman and Doctor Who Fanfic pieces to be part of this too, but I don’t want to do anything that might cause me copyright problems.

And, since I’m not going to presume that anyone will actually buy this thing, here’s a list of the people in the acknowledgements, so they know they’re appreciated (which is not to presume that they read this blog either – some of them do, some definitely don’t – but without any of them the book would be different and worse):

Bill Ritchie, David Allison, Holly Matthies, Andrew Rilstone, The Mindless Ones, Alex Wilcock, Richard Flowers, Simon Bucher-Jones, Gavin Burrows, Gavin Robinson, Debi Linton, Jennie Rigg, Mat Bowles, Alix Mortimer, Wesley Osam, Stuart Quinn-Harvey, Dan Howells, Marc Singer, Leonard Pierce, Steve Hickey, Mike Taylor, Matt Rossi, Tilt Araiza, James Baker, Andrew Ducker, Bob Temuka, Colin Smith and ‘Teatime Brutality’

Other people are also cited in footnotes.

It should be out in about two weeks in hardback, paperback and ebook formats.

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4 Responses to Coming Soon: My New Book

  1. Jennie says:

    * blushies *

  2. Seb Patrick says:

    Out of curiosity, what do you use to put your books together? You seem to be able to turn them around quite quickly, and in a format that works for publishing in both print and e-book formats. Just that I’m in the process of putting together a collection of articles from a website myself, and at the moment I’m copy-and-pasting into Word in order to copyedit them. I’ve wondered about pasting the finished articles into InDesign, but I don’t know if that would retain all the formatting (not to mention things like footnotes). How do you tend to get yours into a finished, printable format? And are your eBooks actually eBooks (i.e. searchable, zooming text size etc.), or just PDFs?

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      For the actual books, I use OpenOffice and/or AbiWord. has a format template for Word that works in them, and I then use OpenOffice’s export to PDF function – Lulu only accepts certain formats, one of which is PDF with embedded fonts. Word should be able to do this just the same.
      The eBooks are available in two formats – standard PDF, which is just the PDF I create from OpenOffice, and ePub, which is the standard format used by, eg, the iBookstore. I create the ePub from the .rtf (minus things like the contents page) using , and I usually have to do a *tiny* bit of hacking of the XML afterward, but not very much at all.

      For PEP! magazine, where there are illustrations and so on, I use the DTP program Scribus, and much swearing, wailing, gnashing of teeth and punching things.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I should say that I don’t have any ePub reading software myself, so I don’t know exactly how the finished ePub books look, just that they parse correctly, have the original text, and that none of the small number of people who’ve bought one have complained.

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