Linkblogging For 29/12/10

Still too jetlagged (and first day back at work) to write properly – the E&E posts *ARE* coming, I promise – so some links.

Spotibot uses data from to create Spotify playlists based on either listener stats or artist similarity. Here’s a few I got it to generate – Van Dyke Parks, Kristian Hoffman (sadly it looks like I make up, by myself, a statistically significant proportion of Hoffman’s listeners. This needs to change – he’s brilliant), Neil Innes, Captain Beefheart and Colin Blunstone . It’s a fantastic way of discovering new music.

I can’t get the stream to play, but The Rutles: Lunch is someone’s attempt at recreating the Beatles’ Love album using equivalent Rutles tracks.

The Bechdel Test: It’s Not About Passing

Apparently algorithms are outpacing Moore’s Law. This is odd because it’s completely opposite to everything I thought I knew…

Richard Herring on the Frankie Boyle furore

And Tom at Freaky Trigger wonders about the popularity of the nuWho episode Blink

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