Linkblogging For 28/12/10 and next few days plans

I’m finally back from Minnesota. My luggage is stil in Paris, where it has been since just over a week ago. I *was* planning on resuming my Doctor Who reviews, but can’t do that until my DVD of The Aztecs (which is in one of the bags) gets back here.

Starting tomorrow (when, if my normal traffic patterns hold, my 200,000th visitor shall arrive at the site) I shall be concentrating on finishing the “Eschatology And Escapology” series of posts I started a couple of weeks back. The remaining posts will consist of: Crisis On Infinite Earths as psychological integration story for Superman, a look at the Doctor Who book The Gallifrey Chronicles by Lance Parkin, an examination of Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle, a discussion of the Faction Paradox novels, a look at All-Star Superman and a re-evaluation of Final Crisis.

These will become the concluding part of my second book, titled Sci-Ence! Just-Ice Leak!, which will also contain my ‘hyperposts’, my ‘How to live in a comic book’ and a couple of other bits – all reworked, edited and re-formatted. I’m going to send a draft to David Allison and Pillock in a week or so for them to check for obvious errors and improvements, and I hope I’ll have it out by the end of next week.

After that, I’ll be putting together the next issue of PEP!, which should be out by the end of January – I’ve got almost all the promised contributions in, now, and it’s looking good.

And now, some links

Language Log on why Mellekalikimaka is Hawaii’s way to say Merry Christmas to you (warning, includes MP3 of embarassingly bad late-70s Beach Boys track).

A couple of mini Xmas short-short stories by Simon Bucher-Jones and Philip Purser-Hallard

I meant to link to this ages ago – the Winterval Myth . And along with it, you should read the rest of Andrew Rilstone’s Homosexual Frogs series. And then buy Rilstone’s book The Dawkins Delusion Where Dawkins Went Wrong, which I reread on the plane today and is stunningly good. ETA I wrote this when I was jetlagged, and confused the name of Rilstone’s very good book indeed with someone else’s much less good book on the same subject. Apologies to Mr Rilstone.

And are doing The Twelve Doctors Of Christmas

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  1. Mike Taylor says:

    +1 on The Dawkins Delusion. Excellent, thought-provoking stuff (and I say that as an evolutionary biologist myself) and also very funny.

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