Linkblogging For 16/12/10

Yes Means Yes say everything that needs to be said about the Assange case. Meanwhile, the poor bloke accused of actually leaking the documents to wikileaks – the real ‘hero’ insofar as there is one – is being tortured and there are calls for his execution. Julian Andsandy will get a public, fair trial in the full glare of publicity and every chance to clear his name. Bradley Manning is barely known. ETA – Miriam has posted links to ways you can help Manning in the comments. I do know that Amnesty are also working on the case, and Xmas is a very good time to join them

Fear Of A Black Cunt – a great post on sexism, homophobia, racism and the intersections between them.

Andrew Rilstone on homosexual frogs

A response from End Child Detention Now to the government’s announcements about ending child detention

Why diets work (when they do)

Ask A Physicist explains, simply, why Many Worlds is right and Copenhagen wrong.

And here’s one of those things that just makes you say “What?!” I’ve got an MP3 of a song called “Spirit Of The Forest” that appears on various Beach Boys bootlegs because Brian Wilson’s on it. I knew it was a sub-Band Aid thing from the 80s, but what I *didn’t* know was just what a huge and eclectic list of people it featured – this is like the world’s greatest trivia question. “What track features Brian Wilson, XTC, Chris Rea, Lenny Kravitz, Bruce Foxton of the Jam, Fleetwood Mac, Iggy Pop, LL Cool J, Joni Mitchell, Olivia Newton-John, Kate Bush, Belinda Carlisle, the Ramones, Ringo Starr and Kim Wilde (among many, many others) ?”

Of course, the *other* question is how the hell they managed to get all those people to do, well, this:

ETA can’t believe I forgot Lawrence Miles’ notes on the revised About Time 3...

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4 Responses to Linkblogging For 16/12/10

  1. Miriam says:

    For anyone else wondering what they can do to help Brad Manning:
    Add your name to a list of supporters for his case
    Two options for supporting his legal defence financially.

    (Thanks for linking to this, I had no idea).


    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Thanks for those links. I’ve added my name (no spare cash to help financially). Amnesty are working on the case as well, and they’re usually the most likely to get results for things like this.

  2. pillock says:

    Ah, I love that Many-Worlds one!

    • pillock says:

      Not to bring down the tone. I felt like I have almost become too interested in all things WikiLeaks lately, so didn’t want to bore.

      Mr. Manning deserves all the support he can be given!

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