Linkblogging For 14/12/10

I’ve been too ill – and too disheartened by recent political events – to write much in the last couple of weeks. I *will* be doing the next part of Eschatology & Escapology tomorrow with luck, and I will restart my very delayed Doctor Who reviews on Saturday, but for now, some links.

The Skeptical Juror is a fantastic site which i’ve been meaning to link for ages – someone going through past case histories to find the 54 people who, statistically, will have been executed wrongly in Texas since 1976. It’s horrifying, but it’s also a magnificent work of scholarship.

A performance by Van Dyke Parks and Clare And The Reasons on NPR’s World Cafe

Andrew Rilstone isn’t proud of the BBC

Via Jon Blum, what looks like a New Orleans funeral marching band, playing Philip Glass. While dressed as monks. On Segways. On fire.

An oldie but a goodie: The Well-Tempered Plot Device

And UK Polling Report on people who are offended by the word P*mh*le

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