Linkblogging For 02/12/10

Some of you are wondering what’s happened to the Batman post you were promised last week. Well, the answer is, it’s morphed into a seven-part series called Eschatology And Escapology, which will be a companion in many ways to the Hyperposts. The seven parts will be on The Omega Point, The Fourth And Fifth Worlds, Seven Soldiers: Mr Miracle, Final Crisis, Faction Paradox and The Return Of Bruce Wayne, though elements from each will blend into the others. It will also touch on Platonism, Anathem, Max Tegmark and the Charles Stross book Accelerando.

However, right now I’m in no fit state to write anything at all, having been off work ill for two days. So have some links. Part One will be up on Saturday.

To start with, here’s Lance Parkin on The Last Battle (the Narnia book). This series of posts has been astonishingly good so far (though I know the Lewis fans among my readership – Mike, Chris, Andrew R if he’s reading at the moment – will have bones to pick with him) and he looks like he’s going to cover a lot of the same ground as my essay series. (Having written that, I just checked and found Mike all over the comments section…)

Matt Seneca mounts a defence of the art of Rob Liefeld and reviews Absolute All Star Superman

David Brothers and David Wolkin on ethnicity in superhero comics.

And Adam Curtis on how the ideas of BF Skinner are coming back into fashion

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  1. Grk! says:

    To Seneca & his commenters: SHURRUP ABOUT BLOODY “HATERS”!

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