Manchester People Please Help (Signal-Boosting)

EMERGENCY REQUEST – Overnight shelter required for destitute asylum seekers in Manchester city centre area. Anyone who can provide basic accomodation/space for 20-30 homeless males, please get in touch urgently. Looking for a warehouse, empty building, church hall, community centre etc.

The Boaz Trust has run a Night Shelter for up to 10 destitute male asylum seekers. This year, for the first time, their shelter is full every night – and they have 19 desperate men on the waiting list.

Last night the temperature in Manchester dropped to around -5. Some of those men will have slept outside. Can you help?

*The Boaz Trust will take care of supervision, food, security, beds and bedding. The length of time this is required can be for as long or short as is possible, but right now it is needed urgently especially due to the freezing temperatures.

Preferably the building will be free or on a peppercorn rent, but that’s negotiable. The crucial thing is to get people off the streets before they freeze to death. PLEASE ASK AROUND, YOU NEVER KNOW WHO MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP. THANK YOU!

Please contact

Dave Smith
Director, Boaz Trust

1st Floor
110 Oldham Road
Manchester M4 6AG

0161 202 1056

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  1. my neighbour vicky has started working for the boaz trust in the last few weeks, and as i bumped into her in town she was explaining how hard the situation is at the moment. it’s a shame todmorden is a little impractical for anyone to get to, especially as public transport here has dragged to a halt. but yeah, from what vicky says the urgency of this cannot be doubted. i hope they find some spaces tonight quickly…

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