PEP! 3 Progress

I’m working on getting the paper version of PEP! 2 out this weekend, but while I’m doing that I thought I’d update everyone on PEP!3 . Nothing’s set in stone yet – it won’t be out for a couple of months – but the plan so far is for it to include:

New fiction by Debi Linton (a story about lesbians who kill vampires) and Richard Flowers (a 10,000 word SF story).
Reprint fiction by Simon Bucher-Jones (as part of the promotion for something I can’t talk about yet, but which I’m excited by).
*TWO* articles by David Allison
Holly Matthies on rugby
Possible articles on First Past The Post And The English Civil War (by Gavin Robinson) and David Bowie (by Gavin Burrows) (both of those time-dependent – both are very busy men, with other deadlines around the same time)
A comic strip by Prankster
And Bill Ritchie has suggested several things as well.

I’m still hoping to hear back from some of the other people who’ve contributed to PEP! 1 and 2, and I’m going to ask a few other people, but hopefully that should whet people’s appetites…

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6 Responses to PEP! 3 Progress

  1. Mibbae three articles from me, depending on how cocky I’m feeling, how well I’m writing and whether the other Mindless Ones are bothered by my rampant infidelity…

  2. And on whether you still think it’s a good ideas to publish my scribblings, of course!

  3. Gavin Burrows says:

    If Gavin R really does call The English Civil War ‘The English Civil War’, a pedantic but vehement argument will ensue!

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