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Linkblogging For 23/11/10

I was going to re-start my Doctor Who From The Beginning posts today, but I’ve got a migraine, so you can expect my thoughts on The Aztecs tomorrow, along with possibly more Mozbats. For now, some links:

Lance Parkin is starting a series of posts on what he calls “The Gray Tradition” in literature – a group of writers which includes “Douglas Adams, Ballard, Iain Banks, Roberto Bolano, Borges, Michael Chabon, Junot Diaz, Phillip K Dick, Umberto Eco, Alisdair Gray, David Lindsay, CS Lewis, HP Lovecraft, David Mitchell, Michael Moorcock, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Philip Pullman, David Foster Wallace”

Millennium Dome on the aid to Ireland.

Colin at Too Busy Thinking About My Comics has just done a wonderful four-part series on All-Star Superman and Superman: Earth One, and why the former is infinitely superior. Parts one, two, three, four. I really don’t know how Colin does it, but he writes more than any three other comic bloggers put together, and finds more to say about really quite unpromising material than I could find in Ulysses… While the comics he covers are very different, he’s become as important a voice as Jog or Abhay or David Allison, as far as I’m concerned.

Bob Temuka also looks at comic characters from a moral perspective.

And The Aporetic on polling