Any AV Questions?

Proper post tonight, but in the meantime I just wanted to ask – is there anything, *anything at all* that any of you don’t understand about AV (the voting system which we’ll be asked about in next May’s referendum)? I want to do a “Your Questions Answered” post in a couple of days… ask anything, no matter how stupid, offensive or ignorant it sounds…

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One Response to Any AV Questions?

  1. Will second etc preferences be optional? All the blog posts that I’ve read (mostly shared by you) seem to be assuming that voters won’t have to put down second preferences and can carry on voting for just one candidate if they want to. The version of AV that I experienced at university made it compulsory to rank every candidate for every position. Given that, some people might be worried that AV will potentially force them to vote for someone they’d never want to vote for. Can you confirm that these fears would be groundless?

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