Linkblogging For 11/11/10

Too tired and migrainey for a proper post today, so here’s some links.

Caron looks at all the changes in the benefit system.

Heresy Corner says that the Paul Chambers trial has made being English illegal.

Abhay, under the guise of a review of the comic Moving Pictures, talks about the representation of the Nazis in the media.

The aporetic on Eddie Lang, minstrelsy, and appropriation versus support by white musicians in black genres. (via Gavin Robinson)

And Amypoodle on Batman & Robin 16

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2 Responses to Linkblogging For 11/11/10

  1. burkesworks says:

    Apropos of nothing, would this silly deluded woman be your local LibDem councillor, perhaps? If so she should damned well be ashamed of herself.

    • Yeah, she’s one of our local councillors (Gorton’s pretty much a clean sweep for the Lib Dems councillor-wise) – Jackie’s OK really, but she shouldn’t try defending the indefensible like that.
      I can see what she’s trying to do – and it *shouldn’t* be considered demeaning to clean streets, empty bins, etc. – but it’s still a fundamentally illiberal policy.
      I must write something on the current welfare reforms – they’re the usual mix of evil and wonderful in equal proportions – but won’t get round to it til at least next week. Too tired to phrase things properly in ways that won’t cause needless arguments.

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