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In My Stadium

I’ve had several days off work in a row (took holiday time because I’m on the brink of collapse from exhaustion) and have spent those days intending, but not succeeding, to write pieces on Batman comics and a short story. … Continue reading

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What I Mean When I Call Myself A Liberal

I was meant to write a couple of posts on comics and a short story today, but I appear to have developed logorrhoea on totally unrelated matters, don’t I? Oh well… One of the big things I hear a lot … Continue reading

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PEP! 3 Progress

I’m working on getting the paper version of PEP! 2 out this weekend, but while I’m doing that I thought I’d update everyone on PEP!3 . Nothing’s set in stone yet – it won’t be out for a couple of … Continue reading

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The Death Of The Bookshop, Chapter 246 of Too Many

I will do some comics posts this week, I *PROMISE*, but this was just too depressing not to rant about it. I shop at Amazon occasionally, and enjoy doing so if I know what I want in advance. A couple … Continue reading

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Why I Will Not Be Helping In The Old & Sad By-Election

(Batman posts will come tomorrow, I had to say this now). I am, despite my unease with some (many) of the coalition’s policies, still a member and supporter of the Liberal Democrats, and still want to see as many Lib … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 23/11/10

I was going to re-start my Doctor Who From The Beginning posts today, but I’ve got a migraine, so you can expect my thoughts on The Aztecs tomorrow, along with possibly more Mozbats. For now, some links: Lance Parkin is … Continue reading

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Transgender Day Of Remembrance

(Please note, in this post I will be using ‘trans’ as a shorthand for people who self-define as transgender, transsexual, transvestite, ‘tranny’, genderqueer, or any of half-a-dozen other ‘non-standard’ gender definitions. Doing so is not intended to erase the distinctions … Continue reading

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