Spending Review Linkblogging

As you’d imagine, reaction to the spending review has been… mixed… at best among Lib Dems, just as it has among the general public. Here’s a few of the responses I’ve seen:

Oxfam say “The coalition has taken the tough choice to prioritise the poorest people on the planet during the bad times as well as good.”, though they give Osborne and Cameron the credit for that.

Jennie thinks it’s not as bad as the hype suggested.

Millennium, whose Daddy Richard I trust on economic matters more than almost anyone, says “Tonight Mr Danny'”champion of the spending round’ Alexander is e-mailing Liberal Democrats to say we’ve done the right thing. Well we haven’t. We’ve merely done the LEAST WRONG thing we could…This is hard, possibly the hardest thing we’ll ever do. And it’s cruel. And it may even be terribly horribly wrong…But if it succeeds, just you remember who it was who did this and did it RIGHT.”

The Social Liberal Forum say “It is heartening to see policies that we as Liberal Democrats have long campaigned for being delivered: the Pupil Premium, the universality of most welfare payments, the creation of a Green Investment Bank, Regional Growth Funds and the protection of spending for schools, the NHS, international development and science. We are pleased to see the levy on banks made permanent and Trident not renewed…There remains a significant danger, however, that many of Chancellor George Osborne’s measures will disproportionately affect the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalised in society – precisely those that depend on public services the most.”

And David Matthewman says “I want to apologise but, really, what use is an apology in this situation? I’ll make one anyway, mind you; I’m sorry about what my party (in coalition, yes, but still my party) is doing to welfare…I don’t need the apology to be accepted, and I’m aware it may not be, but I’m sorry, and I’ll continue to argue both within the party and outside it for the importance of having a strong welfare state.”

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