Linkblogging For 15/10/10

Now that work is winding down a bit, and I’m also done with the Beatlebook, I’ll be posting more regularly again. I’m currently working on the book version of the Hyperposts (still trying to find a title for that) and as a result of that over the next few weeks I’ll be posting essays on various Grant Morrison and Alan Moore comics (Supreme, Seven Soldiers, a few others) and Faction Paradox books, to include in the book (which I’m hoping to get out for Xmas). I’m also going to get back to doing one Doctor Who post a week, and will be posting an album-by-album look at the Beach Boys over the next few months.

But for now, some links.

First of all, I don’t normally embed YouTube videos here, but this is astonishing – Van Dyke Parks and Clare And The Reasons performing Heroes & Villains:

They’re touring the US at the moment, and I urge anyone with even the slightest interest in music to go to the shows. (Thanks to Tilt for the YouTube link)

Laurie Penny on breast cancer, “the sexy way to die”

A wonderful, wonderful post by Slacktivist about a phone call he had from the fundamentalist aunt of one of his readers.

Io9 on why the singularity isn’t going to happen

Jennie and Millennium sum up my thoughts on the tuition fees debacle.

And Tom Waits has released a 78rpm record which comes with its own record player

And I might as well finish with a different, equally wonderful, Brian WIlson/Van Dyke Parks moment:

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