And For My Next Trick…

I’ll be doing a book version of the Hyperposts. For those of you who weren’t around last year, this was a loose sequence of posts I wrote about the concepts of ‘canon’, ‘continuity’, authorship and time, with reference to Cerebus, DC Comics, Doctor Who and quantum physics.

I’ve got a lot more thoughts on the subject, so I’m going to post another series of essays here over the next month, on the subjects of:
The Faction Paradox novels (inspired in large part by Richard Flowers and Alex Wilcock’s article in PEP! 1)
Frank Tipler’s ‘Omega Point’ concept
Flex Mentallo
The Land Of Fiction
Max Tegmark

I will then pull these together into a book with reworked versions of the Hyperposts (mostly to clarify references to articles by Millennium and Plok), seriously revised versions of my stuff about ‘the Singularity’, and the three short stories I’ve posted here that don’t contain other people’s copyrighted characters. It, like my Beatles book, will be available from my Lulu author page.

Will anyone actually buy it? Now there’s a question…

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