Linkblogging For 27/09/10

Please bear with the utter lack of new material here. I’m currently trying to finish re-typesetting PEP! (corrections authors have sent in), finish up my book, co-author a scientific paper, work on a new project I’ll be linking to shortly, get my ideas for the new Convergence collaborative novel worked out… oh, and work on two projects at work both of which simultaneously hit their busiest week this week, and try to do some political activism too. And see my wife.

All this will come to a head very shortly, and then my time will be free again – please don’t give up on this blog for its dearth of updates. In the meantime, have some links:

I’ve been so tired I left possibly the stupidest comment ever on Andrew Rilstone’s blog today. Nonetheless, his huge series on Joseph Campbell is well worth reading.

This is a news website article about a scientific finding

Charlie Brooker on sports

ESQ talk about the music played before Brian Wilson’s gigs. A reminder that I made a Spotify playlist of as much of this as I could.

And Liz W gives her take on equal marriage, from a Christian point of view.

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