Linkblogging For 23/09/10

For those who are wondering where I am, I’m busy trying to get PEP! 2 down to a small enough filesize to upload to Magcloud, and working on the Beatles book. I’m also progressing more slowly than usual with both those as I’m exhausted from work. I’ll be back soon. Meanwhile, links:

Jennie Rigg wants people to help with her campaign for Lib Dem President. If you’re a Lib Dem and aren’t already helping her, why not?

Sarah Brown (not that one) has the text of a speech she wanted to give at Lib Dem Conference about trans people and same-gender marriage.

Some research on “Women and self-labelling in online geek communities”

Charlotte Gore has realised that Richard Dawkins is counterproductive when talking about atheism.

And MP3s of the old cassette versions of the Patrick Troughton Doctor Who stories Power Of The Daleks and Fury Of The Deep, narrated by Tom Baker and Colin Baker (different narration from the currently available CD versions)

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