PEP! 2 Is Finally Here!

I’ve finally completed typesetting Pep! 2. Unfortunately, Magcloud doesn’t think the fonts have embedded, so I’ll have to regenerate the PDF tonight before the paper copy can go on sale. Also, this file is much, much bigger than it should be (50M rather than ~10M). But it’s there if you want it.

Paper copies on sale tonight.

ETA If you wrote something for this and notice a horrible mistake, there’s still time to change it before tonight. But *DON’T* let me know about bold/italic problems – those will be down to non-embedded fonts, and fixed in the final version.

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8 Responses to PEP! 2 Is Finally Here!

  1. pillock says:

    I love the little accidental symmetries! A couple of ’em are a bit breath-stopping. Well, to me anyway.

    • Absolutely. That’s been my favourite thing about both PEP!s so far. And while I do do some after-the-fact shaping when it comes to my piece, I’d decided to write about Dave Sim, for example, long before I knew there would be stuff in there about Philip K Dick and gender ideology. And the play was there before I knew about your ‘dialogue’ or David’s references to Beckett.

    • pillock says:

      Reading it again and looking for that stuff, it’s riddled with ’em, in no small part due to the artful arrangement of the pieces. Not to descend into hyperbole (shouldn’t be “ascend”?), but being in my twenties and reading, first Watchmen pre-university, and then Four Quartets once I got there, it put a permanent crimp in my brain that thinks this sort of thing is the greatest thing in the whole world, “fractalism in writing”…I strive for it all the time, and so I’m also really sensitized to it, so seeing it in this has got me pretty excited actually!

      • I presume you read Rilstone’s Watchmen piece? It was that that inspired me to do PEP!, and it’s quite consciously modelled on that. But while I can take credit for the editing and arrangement (I scrapped a couple of pieces of mine because they just wouldn’t fit in), it’s even more amazing for me in that I can see how much of it is pure serendipity – none of the other writers had any idea what anyone else was doing, any more than you did…

  2. I’m just about to start reading now.

    Anyone who finds the gender and brain science stuff interesting should read Cordelia Fine’s new book, Delusions of Gender. I had no idea that it would come out just before PEP2 when I was writing the article back in March.

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