I don’t normally link to LDV

Because they have advertising from MessageSpace, which I disapprove of. But I couldn’t very well not reciprocate this:

For An Open Letter To The Labour Party.

Without wanting to seem ungrateful, especially since many of the judges are people I admire, they’re clearly mad. The four other shortlisted posts, by Alex, Millennium, Caron and Liz , were all better than mine. I’m glad to see Millennium finally won the overall Blog Of The Year award though, and the Curse had better not strike (and next year Alex should win).

Seriously, to be nominated at all was astonishing, to be considered among such company as those four posts was overwhelming, and to actually win makes me feel like something’s gone very wrong.

You like me! You really like me! *sniff*

With luck, PEP! 2 will be out tomorrow, and the Beatles book towards the fag end of next week. I’ll probably get back to posting here, at least lightly, over the next week, and normal service will be resumed as soon as I have the Beatles book uploaded.

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