Linkblogging For 16/09/10

PEP! is going to be this weekend coming, not the last one, as I’ve spent most of the last week laid up with the ‘flu. I’ll be getting the book out some time in the week or so after that, and then I’ll be back to posting here again. In the meantime, some links:

For those of you with eMusic, two things worth checking out are Kristian Hoffman’s new album Fop, which on initlal listens may be as good as his 2002 masterpiece &, and Alan Moore’s new one Unearthing.

A blog posted a list of the songs Brian Wilson has used as the audience come in to his gigs, and I’ve created a playlist of all the ones that are on Spotify. It’s a pretty good representation of Beach Boys As Genre music, including Guess I’m Dumb, Pancreas and Pale And Precious, among others.

And finally… my friend Jennie Rigg wants to stand as President of the Liberal Democrats, but the post is essentially a full time one, but only pays five thousand pounds a year. Therefore I’m trying to persuade as many people as possible to pledge that in the event that she wins, they’ll give her ten pounds a month to allow her to do it. You can sign up here. This isn’t about supporting the Lib Dems – though of course I do – and nor is it about necessarily voting for Jennie as President, though I think of the declared candidates she would be far and away the best. Rather it’s about ensuring that people aren’t barred by poverty from taking on important roles in politics. The Presidency of the party should be decided on the basis of who the best person for the job is, not on whether they can afford to give up a minimum two years of their life without pay…

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6 Responses to Linkblogging For 16/09/10

  1. Jennie says:

    Thank you.

  2. Niklas Smith says:

    All of Jennie’s supporters in the blogosphere should be writing about her candidacy and spreading the word (and the link!). Nice to see that you’ve already done that :)

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      At the moment I’m temporarily not blogging – I’m putting together a zine and a book while working long hours and suffering from ‘flu, so I’m not blogging properly about her candidacy. But I definitely will – it was me, after all, who set up the pledgebank. I’m going to do whatever I can to help Rigg the election…

  3. Niklas Smith says:

    Whose idea was that pun (“Rigg the election”)? It’s pure genius :)

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