PEP! 1 (FINALLY) available in print!

I’ll be – I hope – uploading PEP! 2 in the next couple of days, but PEP! 1 is *FINALLY* available from It’s quite expensive – $16 – but it’s some of the best writing I’ve ever read (the VAST majority of the money is the cost of printing – 60 cents per issue goes to me, to be shared between the writers). I’ve not yet received my own proof copy of this, so can’t guarantee that there’ll be no printing problems, but given that the PDF was originally made available here more than six months ago, I thought I’d let people know now.
The only difference from the PDF here is that I had to replace roughly half the fonts – a slow, laborious, painful process – twice…
I’ve got a migraine today, so my proofing of PEP! 2 is going slower than I hoped, but I hope to make it available as both (free) PDF and (expensive) paper product within the next 48 hours.
And my Beatles book will be being uploaded in a week (that will be expensive in hardcover, quite cheap in paperback, and very cheap but unfortunately DRMd in ebook). After that, normal posting will resume here.

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3 Responses to PEP! 1 (FINALLY) available in print!

  1. Susan says:


    When it arrives I’m going to lend it to a friend, partly because I have successfully lured him into reading some Faction Paradox stuff. Yay.

    (I’m looking forward to the collection of your Beatles posts as well; that was fascinating reading, and hard-copies may take care of some birthday/Xmas shopping for me, which is convenient.)

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Well, thank you! I was only expecting people to buy it out of a sense of obligation. Buying for other people as presents is a great compliment indeed…

  2. pillock says:

    Oh, I’m buying the Beatles one for presents, too!

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