And A Quick PEP! 2 Taster…

Instead of introductions to the articles, PEP! 2 has an absurdist play running through the whole thing, around the articles. Here’s part 1:

Rassilon and Omega, two Time Lords, are sitting in a featureless void. There is a Doric column behind them.

Rassilon is tossing a coin, much to the annoyance of Omega

RAS: Heads again! Eighty-four in a row! Only one more to break the record!

OM: I don’t know why you keep tossing that thing. I Ching makes you go blind, you know

RAS: That’s not what he says

OM: Who?

RAS: Yes.

OM: What?

RAS: The Other

OM: What about him?

RAS: He likes the I Ching, apparently

OM: Really? He doesn’t seem the type.

RAS: Oh yes. Very much so.

OM: So what does the I Ching have to say for us, anyway?

RAS: Well, six unbroken lines represents heaven and the creative. “The movement of heaven is full of power. Thus the superior man makes himself strong and untiring.” And the repetition of the trigram is the creation of the idea of time.

OM: No it isn’t.

RAS: What do you mean?

OM: I created the idea of time. I remember it distinctly. That’s why we blew up that black hole, remember?

RAS: I thought it was him who came up with the idea, and you just helped?

OM: Wretched cur! How dare you impute that the great Lord Omega, master of all he surveys, would need to steal the ideas of an… an OTHER! I am Omega! The original, you might say! I am no plagiarist! Give me that cursed coin!

And he throws the coin to the ground, where it bounces with a resounding clang. It lands heads up.

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