Linkblogging For 02/09/10

Sorry for my comparative absence at the moment – I’m working long hours at work and usually too tired to think when I get home. Expect posts on The Aztecs (Doctor Who story), why I won’t be using Ping, Tony Mass-Murdering Bastard Blair and the Beach Boys this weekend, and when I’ve bought my latest backlogged comics (on Monday) I hope to do some comics posts. My financial situation has been a bit feast-or-famine recently, so I’ve not been keeping up regularly with comics, just binging on them. That’ll change as of this month, so I’ll be doing more regular comics posts. In the meantime, linkage:

A great collection of pre-rock pop music – Sinatra, Little Jimmy Scott, Billie Holiday, Hoagy Carmichael – as four themed CDs, for download.

The ten most depressing Funky Winterbeam strips of August

R J Lipton tries to explain quantum algorithms without using too much physics

Amypoodle at the Mindless Ones reviews Alan Moore’s Neonomicon

And I wish I’d read this post by pillock before my Singularity series – it would have been fairly different.

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