Linkblogging for 31/07/10

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for not being around much at the moment. I’ve had insomnia for much of the last month and so things like answering emails, thinking, coherent speech and so on have been difficult. As the nights get longer and darker that should change.

Anyhow, some links.

How Many People Are In Space Right Now?

Colsmi has done two great pieces on whether superheroes are childish and fascist (part one , part two ). To me, as well, this reads better in conjunction with Pillock’s post about Frederic Wertham.

Adam Curtis on changing media attitudes towards debt.

The Man Fooker Prize For Gay Men’s Fiction looks interesting, as it includes fiction of *any* genre, not just ‘literary’ fiction. Note for Doctor Who fans – Paul Magrs organised this, and Katy Manning is one of the judges.

One of the proposed changes to simplify the benefit system is to unify all benefits, both for those in and out of work, into one payment. As Steph Ashley points out, this comes very close indeed to bringing in a Citizens’ Income, and lays the groundwork for that to be instituted.

From , Six Reasons You’ll Never Upload Your Mind Into A Computer. While for various reasons I am a lot more sympathetic than most people to the ‘Singulatarian’ idea of immortality in silico, in practice I suspect it would come out a lot more like my story, because most of those advocating it combine a religious belief in laissez-faire capitalism even after the point where all want has been extinguished with an utter lack of imagination. In particular they do themselves no favours by ignoring objections like these.

And finally, not a link , but something that was mentioned on Twitter today that had shamefully never occurred to me. I am a supporter of gay marriage, because any legalised form of discrimination is wrong. But my own view was that so long as we have civil partnerships, then the objections in practice, as opposed to in principle, are fairly small, so it’s not a top priority.

But of course, civil partnerships are OK for *new* relationships – what hadn’t occurred to me is that if someone gets married, then realises they’re trans, they would have to *get divorced* before their new gender can be legally recognised. I can think of very few more horrible pieces of bureaucratic bigotry than that.

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  1. Dave Page says:

    I shall direct you to DELGA’s record of Lib Dem action on LGBT equality, and specifically Evan’s comments on same-sex marriage during the Gender Recognition Bill debates…

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