Quick Admin Note

I will no longer be linking to any site that contains advertising from MessageSpace. MessageSpace is an advertising company that targets large political blogs, most of which I don’t read, but a few of which I do. MessageSpace regularly runs advertisements organisations like an arms industry lobby group, the “Taxpayers’ Alliance”, and an “English Democrat” (i.e. fascist) political candidate, and while I have no wish to prevent them from doing so (I’m pretty much a free speech absolutist) nor to stop those blogs getting advertising revenue, I also have no wish to provide traffic to that kind of thing. I’ve removed the links to some blogs that use that service, but will reinstate them if and when they change advertising provider.
(This is not meant as a means of persuading them to do so – I don’t think those sites will pay the slightest attention to anything I say here – just an explanation for some links disappearing).

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