Linkblogging For 20/07/10

I may do a proper post later if I’m not too exhausted, on Marco Polo or Batman. But for now, links:

Debi has a new blog,, and one of her first posts is a response to my post from yesterday, in agreement but from a slightly different angle. Very good stuff. (That post of mine has some great comments in, BTW, if you’ve not read them, and also generated a very pleasing discussion with Philip Purser-Hallard and Simon BucherJones on Twitter).

Jennie on systematic sexism and London-centricism, and why the two are similar.

Ragnell is angry at one of those ‘how to get laid at Comic-Con’ articles.

A link to an MP3 copy of Fred Neil’s wonderful album Another Side Of This Life, and for the Beach Boys fans among you, someone’s posted .rar files containing the first fourteen volumes of the Dumb Angel Rarities bootleg set here.

And I’ve known about this for years but only thought to link it today – MIT have complete course materials for many of their courses online. You can essentially learn enough to get a postgraduate degree from MIT in many scientific subjects, just from following the free online material.

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