Too furious to blog about what I was going to, anyway. Two things have made me annoyed – one that matters, in the grand scheme of things, and one that doesn’t.

The one that matters is that the coalition government has voted that detention without charge for 28 days will be extended for another six months, while the policy is ‘reviewed’. They say they’ll get rid of it, just not yet. What kind of ‘review’ it takes to say “We’ll *NOT* lock people up for a month without charge or trial” I don’t know. And some Lib Dems voted for this! (Others, like Adrian Sanders, thankfully didn’t.)

I haven’t been able to find a list of who did and didn’t vote for this. And the reason for this is simple – nobody seems to care. It doesn’t seem ‘important’. The Lib Dem Blogs aggregator has more posts about Robbie rejoining Take That than about our MPs voting for a fundamentally illiberal law. There’s no mention of it on the BBC, or the Guardian or Independent websites. It’s got past without anyone really bothering, because it’s just an existing law being renewed, not a new infringement of what few liberties we have left.

The argument for renewal for now *almost* makes sense – if we’re having a Repeal/Freedom Bill in six months which will cover all civil liberties issues, and if the law isn’t getting used at the moment (and apparently it isn’t) then easier to let it carry on til then than to come up with something to replace it.

But I *WILL* be keeping an eye on this, and if it’s renewed for even an extra day after that I will no longer consider the junior coalition party to be the party I joined. There is *NOTHING* Liberal about locking people up without charge for a month.

And a warning to Labour trolls – your evil cloacal discharge of a party not only brought in this anal smearage disguised as legislation, this utter barbarism, but they wanted to extend it to ninety days, so you don’t get to have an opinion on this one.

The other thing about which I am annoyed is that Grant Morrison is not writing Batman & Robin after October. There are internet rumours that they’re creating another Batman title for him, but there’s an official announcement of a *fourth* Batman ‘in-continuity’ monthly which Morrison won’t be writing, so I doubt it.

(ETA Please note, I’m not doing a ‘tearing up my membership card’ thing here. But this is a *BIG* red line, and if continued will require *serious* action. Anyone fancy writing an emergency motion for conference or something? I’ve little motion experience so wouldn’t be able to do much, but would gladly help if someone wants to do this…)

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8 Responses to Furious

  1. Hywel says:

    “than about our MPs voting for a fundamentally illiberal law. ”

    Our MPs vote for this law when it was introduced though. It was part of our “victory” over defeating 90 days.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I know, and I was angry about it then, too. But at least then it was understood as being a compromise position and a way of getting the then Government to back down. There’s no such fig leaf this time.

  2. burkesworks says:

    Very, very disappointed to see that David Ward voted for this measure, and I will tell him as much tomorrow. For what it’s worth, here is the list of MPs that were on the side of the angels, and there aren’t very many LibDems in there;


    Abbott, Ms Diane
    Ali, Rushanara
    Clark, Katy
    Corbyn, Jeremy
    Crausby, Mr David
    Danczuk, Simon
    Davis, rh Mr David
    Dobson, rh Frank
    Durkan, Mark
    Edwards, Jonathan
    Engel, Natascha
    Flynn, Paul
    Gardiner, Barry
    Gilmore, Sheila
    Glindon, Mrs Mary
    Godsiff, Mr Roger
    Hilling, Julie
    Hoey, Kate
    Hood, Mr Jim
    Hopkins, Kelvin
    Hosie, Stewart
    Huppert, Dr Julian
    Jackson, Glenda
    Keen, Alan
    Lavery, Ian
    Llwyd, Mr Elfyn
    Lucas, Caroline
    MacNeil, Mr Angus Brendan
    McDonnell, John
    Mercer, Patrick

    Qureshi, Yasmin
    Robertson, Angus
    Rotheram, Steve
    Sanders, Mr Adrian
    Sarwar, Anas
    Shepherd, Mr Richard
    Shuker, Gavin
    Skinner, Mr Dennis
    Soulsby, Sir Peter
    Umunna, Mr Chuka
    Vaz, rh Keith
    Weir, Mr Mike
    Whiteford, Dr Eilidh
    Williams, Hywel
    Williams, Mr Mark
    Winnick, Mr David
    Wood, Mike
    Tellers for the Noes:

    Pete Wishart and
    Mr John Leech

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Sadly not very many of *any* party in there. Good to see that John Leech, who I campaigned for, was on the right side.

  3. Stuart Wynne says:

    Hey Andrew, I’ve been reading your blog for a good long while now and really enjoying it. So,I thought I’d try to lessen a small part of your fury. This interview by the new Detective Comics writer Scott Snyder definitely seems to suggest Morrison is sticking around for a while yet.

    “We just ran an interview with David Finch where he spoke to his new “Dark Knight” book, and he said that part of what’s allowing him to step on and so much of this to get rolling is that while Grant Morrison won’t be leaving the franchise he’s been guiding for so long now, he’s still leaving all this room for people to play and make their own takes on Batman work on their own terms. How is this shaping up in terms of piggybacking off of “The Return of Bruce Wayne” and being able to play off Grant’s plans?

    Yeah! The marching orders or the message from Grant has really been to give your book your feel. It’s been very flexible and elastic in terms of being able to creatively throw things around with Mike Marts, who’ been terrific as an editor, and some of the other people in the Bat Family. I haven’t met Dave Finch yet, but after reading that interview, I imagine it’s the same experience for [the other creators] where they really want you to create your own Batman story and vision. As much of a plan as Grant has – and his plans are pretty incredible – it feels like he’s also very generous about giving you enough room with the character to develop your own little ecosystem.”

  4. Zom says:

    Sorry to lower the tone but I want to talk about Batman.

    For those of us who have loved (albeit, in my case inconsistently) Morrison on Bats today was a day of mourning. Batman is my favourite man-in-pants and Morrison is, in my view, unarguably the best writer working in the superhero genre today. Grant on Bats was my dream book, and Batman & Robin, sans Tan, turned out to be my dream book plus.

    Here’s hoping that Newsrama has it right and that GMoz will be keeping a hand in the batbooks.

  5. Andrew Hickey says:

    Whoever downrated the comments about Batman comics, please don’t. As you will see if you look at my blog, I do actually care about Grant Morrison’s run on Batman, and while I put that bit in at the end mostly as a joke, I’m still glad of the information.

  6. Zom says:

    Hey, I’m not offended. In the grand scheme of things Batman isn’t very important, I just wanted to show a little solidarity with you on that score. For us GM fans the prospect of his departure is genuinely painful.

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