Linkblogging For 13/07/10

The Doctor Who And Batman week continues tomorrow, now that my computer problems are over and my coursework done (it would have continued today but my wife is unwell and I’ve been looking after her). I hope tomorrow I’ll also get round to answering some of my email backlog. Meanwhile, some links:

A talk by Andrew Plotkin about interactive fiction (text adventures) which echoes some of my own thoughts on them. This, I think, would be of interest to all writers, not just those who like IF.

Many people have written about Harvey Pekar, who died yesterday, including The Comics Journal and Mark Evanier

Millennium has a rather wonderful review of Vampires Of Venice.

Spotify have finally released a native GNU/Linux client. Unfortunately, it’s non-free software, only available to Premium users (like myself) and only for Debian Squeeze or Ubuntu Lucid. On the plus side, the sound quality is significantly better than under WINE. I do wish the developers of the various Free clients would get a decent working system together, though…

A whole lot of common medications including Benedril, Dramamine and Nytol, might cause cognitive impairment.

Death To The Universe looks at a single panel from Batman & Robin 13

And two naughty links. Remember, Home Taping Is Killing Music! Firstly, here’s a blog post linking a compilation of the Cowsills’ most psychedelic-feeling songs, and secondly here’s a link to a .rar containing pdfs of all the Target novels (including rare ones like Remembrance Of The Daleks that I’ve never seen torrented.

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4 Responses to Linkblogging For 13/07/10

  1. burkesworks says:

    W00t! It matters not that the Cowsills were the prototypes for the Partridge Family and about as psychedelic as the Archies; this is one hell of a fine compilation.

    With the passage of time, the line of demarcation about what constituted “psychedelia” and what was “bubblegum” back in t’ day has become very blurred indeed; cases in point include the 5cds worth of British pop-sike-gum that you obtained via me a few months back, and Nancy’n’Lee’s “Some Velvet Morning” which is looked upon – rightly – as a classic of its type now but was regarded as hopelessly square circa ’67/8 (and going off at a slight tangent, cf. also Scott 1-4)

    • Absolutely – that stuff’s actually my favourite music right now, the stuff right at that intersection (those Scott Walker albums, the Free Design, Genuine Imitation Life Gazette, Watertown, the Association, all the stuff on the Ripples compilations, all the various Curt Boettcher acts),

  2. burkesworks says:

    Where I come from we call it Tilt music :)

    • Tilt Araiza says:

      Too racy for me now. These days I’m all about the British Light Music. Just made myself a huge Coatestastic Spotify playlist to make me feel industrious while I tidy the house.

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