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Linkblogging for 31/07/10

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for not being around much at the moment. I’ve had insomnia for much of the last month and so things like answering emails, thinking, coherent speech and so on have been difficult. As the nights … Continue reading

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The Singularity

Well, of course we didn’t intend it from the start. We’re not monsters, are we? It’s just, you have all that data, and you’re going to start using it, aren’t you? After all, we’re a business, and we want to … Continue reading

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New Spotify Playlist(s) : The Beach Boys Covered

I *am* working on my Batman posts (and on PEP! 2 – which I had to put off slightly, because I realised that I could write an essay about Doctor Who that *also* served as an example of what a … Continue reading

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Quick Admin Note

I will no longer be linking to any site that contains advertising from MessageSpace. MessageSpace is an advertising company that targets large political blogs, most of which I don’t read, but a few of which I do. MessageSpace regularly runs … Continue reading

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Doctor Who From The Beginning: Marco Polo

Marco Polo Writer: John Lucarotti Director: Waris Hussein (ep. 4 by John Crockett) DVD Availability: a half-hour ‘reconstruction’ edit is available on The Beginnings box set Buy From Amazon Other availability: Narrated soundtrack on CD. Buy From Amazon First, I’d … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 20/07/10

I may do a proper post later if I’m not too exhausted, on Marco Polo or Batman. But for now, links: Debi has a new blog,, and one of her first posts is a response to my post from … Continue reading

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What’s Your Heresy?

I was going to do a Batman post today, but I’ve got annoyed again, so you’ll have to wait. Specifically, I got annoyed by this , something that’s been going round on the internet for a few days. It calls … Continue reading

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