No Blog Posts This Week

I’m simultaneously trying to complete an assignment for my course (due in by Monday) and get through a release at work. Even *BEFORE* this I was practically dead from exhaustion.

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5 Responses to No Blog Posts This Week

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    So does this mean … no Big Bang review?

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      NEXT week, or earlier if I get my coursework completed, I will be posting:
      A LONG review of the whole Moffat-Who series, with special emphasis on the two-part finale.
      Reviews of Return Of Bruce Wayne 3 and Batman 700
      My look at Marco Polo (Hartnell Who)
      A teaser for PEP! 2
      and a music playlist.

      I have all these ‘written’ in my head already, but simply won’t have time to type them until then. I’m frankly so overwhelmed with work at the moment that I’m quite worried about my health, but it’ll ease up from Monday.

  2. Josh says:

    Good luck on the coursework. While I look forward to the future posts, none of us want your health to suffer.

  3. colin smith says:

    I wish you well with the coursework, Andrew. Though I rely on your Dr Who pieces to give me some context about how to approach the whole business of the Time Lord, I reckon I can just keep turning over that stuff about psychopathy in my head – as I have been – until you’ve time to post again.

  4. TAD says:

    The chorus of Postcard From California sounds like a watered down version of Hotel California’s chourus (Eagles). That’s probably the song you’re thinking of.

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