Linkblogging For 25/06/10

Proper posts tomorrow (on Morrison Batman) and Sunday (on Doctor Who) if possible, but I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me (got to work from home to keep to a deadline, and also going to a gig tomorrow night). Meanwhile, some links:

Zom at the Mindless Ones is doing an alphabetical look at all the Bat-villains, starting with Anarky. Worth looking at the comments for this one too, which revolve around just how wrong Alan Grant’s worldview really is, and whether or not John Wagner’s any good.

Colsmi at Too Busy Thinking About My Comics and That Reminds Me Of This has been excelling himself again. Of his roughly 3000 recent great posts, this one on C.C. Beck’s Captain Marvel, this look at this week’s 2000AD and Megazine and this, part of his huge series on obscure Legion artist John Forte, are my personal favourites, but he’s averaging something like 3000 words a day of excellence at the moment between his two blogs.

On Saturday 3 July, Big Finish will be offering the first 50 of their Doctor Who audios for sale as CD or downloads for a fiver each for one day only. If, unlike me, you have any spare cash that day (I get paid on the 6th), I strongly urge you to buy The Holy Terror, Jubilee, Doctor Who And The Pirates and Davros.After that, don’t be surprised if Colin Baker is your new favourite Doctor.

Death To The Universe wonders who ‘tomorrow’s comics immortals’ will be.

And a few words on the budget:
I hate it, it’s a Tory budget, and while the Lib Dems made it better it’s still ultimately regressive and harmful. But it doesn’t yet change my overall view – that I still support the Liberal Democrats, I think we’re better off in the coalition than not, but I *don’t* support the government and hate the Tories. David Mathewman, Jennie, Mat and Millennium all have more on this.

And finally, not a link, but sorry to hear of the death of Alan Plater, one of the greatest TV dramatists of all time. His Beiderbecke trilogy may well be the best thing ever put on TV.

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2 Responses to Linkblogging For 25/06/10

  1. colin smith says:

    I hadn’t heard of Alan Plater’s passing. What a sad loss, and another vital part of the generation of WRITERS who inspired such vital TV during those long-lost decades – when the pen rather than the focus group and executive made the running – is gone. The Splendid Wife sat me down several years and insisted I be reminded of how marvellously eccentric, clever and yet quiet the Beiderbeckes were. She was right. Oh, well, I hope he knew how much his fine work meant to so many of us.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      And not only that, but since I wrote that I’ve learned Pete Quaife, the original bassist for the Kinks, has died. What a horrible week.

      I just hope the project he was working on relatively recently comes to fruition – he was reworking the book for a musical, Sister Josephine Kicks The Habit, based on the songs of Jake Thackray, which had been hit with all sorts of production problems. Plater was the perfect person to write a text for Jake’s songs, and I do hope that play finally gets produced…

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