Quick Admin Note

Just for full clarity on something. From now on, when I post about books, DVDs or whatever, I’ll be adding a text-only Amazon affiliate link. This is just because I’m skint and have a bunch of domain renewals all coming up at the same time (this one and the two for the National Pep, which include the email address I use most) and would like to try to offset at least some of that cost. I won’t be making any money from this, even if people do click them – I’m just hoping that I’ll *lose* slightly less from doing this. It will absolutely not be affecting the content of what I write, and this blog will *NOT* ever have advertising on it that pays me money (wordpress.com sometimes add text ads, which don’t pay me anything).

If I could find any way to get paid for some of my writing, I’d get rid of this again, but I actually don’t have the first idea how one goes about writing professionally…

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2 Responses to Quick Admin Note

  1. Oliver Townshend says:

    You need an agent! Write that book on the Beatles and submit it. I know one in London, but there are plenty.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I’m under the impression that to get an agent one needs already to be published :-/

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