Linkblogging For 28/05/10

If you like my linkblogging, a site you might want to bookmark is my Daily On Twitter. This site puts together everything that is linked in a 24-hour period by you and anyone you follow into a newspaper-style format, updated daily. (If you want to get one yourself, you have to trust it to access your twitter account. I don’t do anything with my twitter account that’s especially private). Today’s ‘paper’ for me includes articles on feminist comic character tweets, the sad death of Gary Coleman, free-market anti-capitalism and anarchistic socialism, copyright law and GNU/Linux…

Five Chinese Crackers looks at the depressing story going round about England T-shirts being ‘banned’ and why the story has gained traction.

Questioning transphobia on disliking the terms MTF and FTM.

Almost everyone I know has linked this from Hark, A Vagrant, so I may as well link it too…

The Groovy Age Of Horror on Imagination Vs Art in horror films, comics and literature.

Bob Temuka argues that those who dismiss Mark Millar and Garth Ennis as vulgarians are doing so without an understanding of cultural context. I’d disagree in the case of Millar – I simply don’t believe his work has any real value to it at all (though I’m glad that someone out there gets pleasure from it, of course), but the comments on Ennis ring very true to me.

And going through the last few weeks’ backlog of blog posts to read, I notice that Colin has been writing something like 3000 words *a day* of fantastic stuff about comics between his two blogs. This one, on crime and punishment in the DC and Marvel universes, is my favourite so far.

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5 Responses to Linkblogging For 28/05/10

  1. I think that there’s definite value in Millar’s Swamp Thing run, and in Superman: Red Son.

    I’ve enjoyed a fair amount of his other stuff, but those two I’d class as being Actually Great.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I’ve never read his Swamp Thing, though I’ve heard good things about it. And Red Son was an uncredited Morrison co-write (not sure how much Morrison put in, but the ending was *definitely* his). Millar’s done good stuff when working with Morrison (Aztek, Big Dave, a couple of other bits), but I’ve never read anything other than Red Son that’s been put out under his name alone that’s been better than competent…

  2. pillock says:

    Somebody once said “I gave up on Millar at “River Run” in Swamp Thing”…I think I agree. It ended up being a good enough read, proper ending, all that stuff, certainly worth owning…but he had me there at one point, and then he let me go, and I still don’t understand why he did that.

    “Red Son” is something I will read one day when it “comes on TV”. I was a little underimpressed by the one issue I read. I feel like “chess-piece match” for Millar is J.M. deMatteis…”Wanted” is his “Moonshadow”, etc. etc.

  3. Justin says:

    Red Son I think is interesting because although it’s sold as “What if Superman was a communist (and still a Good Guy)?”, I don’t think it said or even wanted to say anything particularly insightful about politics. It seemed to me that the Elseworlds setting was just a pretense for Millar’s to do his own personal version (aided by Morrison though it may be) of All-Star Superman. It came out before All-Star existed, of course, but I feel the two are done in the same spirit.

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