Blogging returns Wednesday

I’ve had a major piece of coursework to complete for my course (deadline tomorrow night), I’ve not slept properly in several days thanks to toothache, and my wife is flying to the US in half an hour, which has been a more stressful proposition than usual thanks to the volcano. This has meant I’ve not been able to think coherently enough to write. (I’ve also not kept up with any non-politics blogs since early April, so have tons of stuff by Plok, Mindless Ones, colsmi etc etc to get through reading at some point…)

My final statement on the election – I support the Liberal Democrats. I will not be leaving the party as I stupidly claimed I would – I made that statement without realising the enormous concessions we would get from the Tories. If that makes me a hypocrite, then I’m a hypocrite. I think in the circumstances, going into coalition was the right thing to do (something I didn’t think, as recently as ten days ago, I would *ever* say). I support the Liberal Democrats in coalition. However I do not support the *Government*, and I still consider Tories The Enemy. I will actually try to be *more* critical of the government now it involves my party, because I hold Lib Dems to higher standards. I won’t be posting more on this, and will not be engaging in further discussion on the point in comments until the coalition has proved itself one way or the other.

Posts this week will look at Batman, early Doctor Who, possibly a sneak preview of PEP! 2 (due in a fortnight or so), possibly something about my other big project (TBA) and *absolutely no politics*, as promised. Unless and until the LiberaTor coalition does something incredibly stupid or evil (my guess, next Tuesday), this will be a politics-free zone for a while. Thanks for your patience during the most confusing, stressful and important election in decades…

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  1. Colin Smith says:

    If there’s one thing I enjoy about your blog, Mr A, it’s how you show something that’s actually taboo in much of British culture, namely that opinion is reached through reasoning rather than fixed prejudice. You’re not intimidated to put your hand up and say you’re wrong, or that you’ve reconsidered, or that you don’t know but that you’re thinking about it. This is a profoundly un-British way of speaking in public, because we still seem wedded to the idea that integrity = being right in the first place & never being seen to change.

    In such a way I have a few (though not high) hopes for the coalition. Anything to get Brits thinking about owning up to principle being a process and not some stupid eternal truth.

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