One Delicious Thought…

My wife is a member of the Liberal Democrats. She’s also an immigrant, and was upset that she didn’t get to vote in this election.

The rumour is that party members are going to get balloted on whatever deal has been agreed.

If so, my immigrant wife will get far more of say with her vote on the government of this country than roughly 60% of its population did with theirs.

Still like First Past The Post so much, right-wingers?

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7 Responses to One Delicious Thought…

  1. yozza says:

    Yes, PR will simply mean non entities like the LDs get to choose the government every time- and not just once in a generation.

  2. Dave Page says:

    Hmm, I think that the ballot only goes wider if we don’t get support from 75% of the MPs *and* Fed Exec. Not sure if it goes to all members or just voting reps though.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      That’s the way it *should* be – 75% of members and fed exec, with special conference if they don’t get approval, and ballot of members if conference doesn’t approve.
      But the rumours (coming from people who should know) say that they’re going to ballot membership *ANYWAY*, to ensure it looks absolutely legitimate…

  3. Oliver Townshend says:

    Most amusing. But if Parliament sits next week, surely you’ll just be endorsing a done deal?

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