Linkblogging For 02/05/10

Only a linkblog today, as I’m exhausted after delivering 320 leaflets throughout Fallowfield for Qassim Afzal (who the Daily Mail hate – good enough reason to vote for him as any) and Dave Page. Tomorrow I’m campaigning for Mat Bowles and Jennie Rigg in Yorkshire, so may not get much time to post then either.

Link deleted because in retrospect it was even more lunatic than I originally thought.

Marc Singer looks at American Born Chinese

Angrymob has two posts about immigration and how ‘you can’t talk about it’

The Honourable Lady Mark tells you how to become a Lib Dem MP (although he misses the rather important rule for all politicians right now – ‘never have said anything remotely human-sounding online, ever’)

And Playing D&D With Pornstars looks at when railroading is OK

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3 Responses to Linkblogging For 02/05/10

  1. Zom says:

    Your PD&DWP doesn’t work.

    Andrew, I don’t buy that conspiracy nonsense for a second. The basis of Cameron’s thinking is plausibly and adequately described by Philip Blond’s small state, much, much, much more capitalism philosophy, we don’t need some decades long project to destroy the left and bring about some far right utopia to explain anything.

    And that’s just for starters…

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Neither do I, and I debated with myself a great deal as to whether to post the link or not… the only reason I posted it at all was because it was coming from someone more sympathetic than not to the Tories… I should probably delete the link. I was quite tired when I did this last night, and it was an error of judgement to post it, but I was never saying I believed it…

  2. FrF says:

    Charles Stross on why he voted Liberal Democrat. Quotation:

    “For the past twenty years or so I’ve been a consistent Liberal Democrat voter, only considering alternatives if there was some reason to vote tactically.”

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