Linkblogging For 01/05/10

In this election, I’m hoping for the Lib Dem vote to be as high as possible, because I think both the Tories and Labour are equally despicable. However, I’m realistic enough to accept that many Lib Dem supporters (or people calling for Lib Dem votes in some seats) this time around are doing so purely in order to keep the Tories out, including ‘Liberal’ Conspiracy, the Guardian, Compass and so on. For those people, Lee Griffin has listed which seats each party needs to win to maximise the ‘progressive’ politicians elected. I’ve no idea where he gets his data, but it looks reasonable based on what I know.

Will Howells has a list of important basic stuff for you to know about the election.

Devil’s Kitchen talks sense on immigration (though I don’t like the line about ‘lesbian outreach workers’ which is Littlejohnian nonsense-rhetoric. Rest of the post is good though).

The Unmann-Wittering blog links to a 1993 radio documentary about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Wonderful experiment here – cross-panel comics , comics done as a crossword puzzle.

Millennium reviews last week’s Doctor Who. Purple Pen on Livejournal has some interesting insights into it too.


And Steph Ashley makes her only election post

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  1. Andrew,

    Thanks. Though this…

    “(though I don’t like the line about ‘lesbian outreach workers’ which is Littlejohnian nonsense-rhetoric.”

    Like much of what I write, that particular phrase was employed as a gentle piss-take of those who would, I imagine, be sitting there nodding their heads in agreement. And small joke for my own amusement…


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