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Linkblogging For 28/05/10

If you like my linkblogging, a site you might want to bookmark is my Daily On Twitter. This site puts together everything that is linked in a 24-hour period by you and anyone you follow into a newspaper-style format, updated … Continue reading

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Doctor Who From The Start: An Unearthly Child

One thing I’ve wanted to do with this blog for a while is sit down and watch every Doctor Who serial, in order, until I get bored with them or reach Survival (whichever comes first). I’m going to try to … Continue reading

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Oh, and plans for the blog as it goes on

I’m going to try to keep a rough schedule for the next few months: Weekends – comics posts. Mondays I’m going to start reviewing every ‘classic’ Doctor Who story in order, starting with An Unearthly Child tomorrow, until I get … Continue reading

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The Hero’s Journey (BATMAN! for those who’ve given up on me doing comics blogging again…)

So, after that semi-enforced break, I’m here to talk about Batman. I’ve promised that I’ll review every Batman title Grant Morrison writes until the end of the Return Of Bruce Wayne storyline, but in truth RoBW #1 gives rather little … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 20/05/10

Apologies for not starting on the Batman etc posts just yet – I forgot about commitments that will stop me writing a long blog post til the weekend. Normal daily bloggery will restart then. In the meantime, links: Richard Cooper … Continue reading

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Blogging returns Wednesday

I’ve had a major piece of coursework to complete for my course (deadline tomorrow night), I’ve not slept properly in several days thanks to toothache, and my wife is flying to the US in half an hour, which has been … Continue reading

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If What The Guardian Says Is True… Then it looks like the new coalition government will essentially be adopting the Lib Dem manifesto in almost its entirety. I don’t like the Tory welfare ‘reforms’ one bit, and will campaign against them. Likewise I think immigration caps … Continue reading

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