Linkblogging For 29/04/10

Music post shortly. For now, here are some links

Alex Wilcock reviews the CD version of Genesis Of The Daleks given away with today’s Torygraph.

David Mathewman on talking about immigration. The more this campaign goes on, the more I want to grab *EVERYONE IN THIS FUCKING COUNTRY* with the exception of a few people like Mr Mathewman, by the throat and scream the actual truth about the appaling, inhuman way we actually treat immigrants in this country, until they *SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH THEIR HATRED*. David’s recent “Why I Am A Liberal Democrat” series is essential reading, too.

Leonard Pierce on the South Park Mohammed controversy .

Andrew Rilstone talks sense on ‘bigotgate’.

Vote Germany in the Pop World Cup!

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  1. “Shut the fuck up with your hatred.”

    Yep. That was pretty much what I was trying to say.

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