Linkblogging For 25/04/10

Proper post tonight…

Terence Eden, who describes himself as a ‘natural Labour voter’ who went into the election thinking he might vote for them, is joining the Lib Dems. I’m quite astonished at how many people I know, respect and like, but who have previously been non-partisan, are becoming active campaigners for the party this time round. I feel like a trendsetter!

David Mitchell says David Cameron is feeling the hand of history where it hurts.

The Heresiarch has a post on PR. It’s full of unsubstantiated claims and things I disagree with, but it *does* show that it is possible to be a Tory and have a coherent argument for PR.

Via Wesley, an essay on Farmville which suggests we should call it a ‘sociopathic application’ rather than a social one.

Left Outside, like me, is tired of arguing on the internet about immigration and is doing a series of posts addressing most of the biggest myths on the subject put about by racist pricks. Here’s the first post, on population density.

Jonathan Calder thinks the election ‘turning American’ is, for once, a good thing.

James Graham tells Polly Toynbee where she can stick her clothespeg.

And Millennium was ambivalent about Victory Of The Daleks.

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