A Quick Word Of Advice To Lib Dems #nickcleggsfault

As you have undoubtedly noticed, the right-wing press is trying desperately to smear Nick Clegg. The worst they’ve been able to come up with so far is that he took donations to pay for staff and declared those donations properly, and that eight years ago he said we shouldn’t be rude about the Germans.

Seriously, that’s the worst they’ve found, and that’s four front pages right there.

But if that’s the worst they can find about Clegg, they’re going to start looking at other Lib Dems. We’ve already had an almost McCarthyist campaign on all sides, with people having to resign because they called other politicians a ‘twat’ and similar nonsenses (shamefully, Lib Dem Voice joined in this, ending in a Tory Council candidate’s resignation). The Lib Dems have been spared this ‘scrutiny’ so far, but they won’t be for long.

And many, many of us have blogs, Facebook, Twitter, all the normal aspects of modern life.

And Lib Dems tend to have more unusual lifestyle choices than most.

If you’re a Lib Dem candidate for ANYTHING, spend today going through all your social media – your LiveJournal, your DreamWidth, your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, whatever, and lock it down if there’s *ANYTHING* you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of tomorrow’s Mail. You may be out as sex-positive and poly to your friends, but you might not want your boss seeing you on the cover of the Express under “Randy Lib Dem Candidate In Five-In-A-Bed Shock!” and an attempt to link it into the non-story about how many women Clegg’s had sex with.

The anti-Lib Dem campaign has grown bigger and more vicious than I ever thought possible, and I don’t want to see good people hurt. Take care…

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6 Responses to A Quick Word Of Advice To Lib Dems #nickcleggsfault

  1. bobsy says:

    Lowering the blast shields is probably sensible in some cases, but I think you might be being over-cautious. The more the Bad Four (really need to come up with a good name for the spitting irrelevance that the ugly side of the press is rapidly becoming) rely on the nasty stuff, the more it threatens to backfire on them. They can only be resorting to these tactics because they’re now actually worried about even motivating their base – they’ve given up on wooing undecideds, and any pretence that the Tories might have changed under Cameron is becoming more and more laughable.

    The rest of the media and chattering classes will rightly be put off by its horrid tone, and anyone daft enough to consider it seriously will be pushed towards UKIP or one of the other proto-fascist parties. None of that would be bad for the Juve Mutated Kung-fu Klegg (top put it in Dreddian terms).

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Oh, I don’t think it’ll matter *at all* to the party (thanks fro your email BTW, will reply tonight when not at work, but VERY appreciated). It’s just that I don’t want to see friends of mine hurt in the crossfire. That kind of story can destroy people’s personal lives, even though it wouldn’t lose the party a single vote, and you just KNOW that right now the Mail and Express have journalists going through the whole Lib Dem Blogs aggregator looking for naughty words.

      (To any of them reading – Hello! I have no intention of EVER running for office for ANYTHING, so I can tell you without hesitation that you are among the most evil *CUNTS* ever to have lived, and I would remind you that Fritzsche and Streicher were included in the Nuremberg trials too…)

  2. Zom says:

    I’d like to join you in your condemnation of our pathetic, absurd and deeply fucking obnoxious right wing press, Andrew, so I will: FUCK OFF TO IDIOT WORLD, THE LOT OF YOU.

    Wow, that was cathartic!

  3. Jennie says:

    I love you, you big lug. I think my head has been above the parapet for long enough now that even if I wanted to withdraw it – which I don’t – they’d still know where to aim. Regardless of that, I genuinely believe that it’s about time SOMEONE took a stand on this, and since my head is already over the parapet…

    People keep calling me brave. I’m not brave. I just recognise that if you want the way things are done to change, you can’t do that by bending to the way things are done. It helps that lovely people like you are there to support me.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Oh, I *absolutely* agree (and you were one of the ones I was specifically thinking about here, as I suspect you’ve guessed), and I’m sure most of the people I care about aren’t hiding anything anyway. And it’s *absolutely* the right thing to do, to stand up for your right to live as you damn well please so long as you’re not hurting anyone who doesn’t want to be hurt.

      But national media coverage is different from LJ or Twitter, and it might well have been the case that you (or whoever) said things on those places that you were fine with everyone you know knowing but not, say, your Mail-reading grandparents.

      And you know, I hope, that you and Mat both have my absolute, implicit support, both politically and personally, in whatever way it is of use to you.

      BTW, what would be the best day for you to have me come up and help you and Mat with campaigning? I’m doing Fri 30 – Thu 6 inclusive as 12-hour campaigning days, and I can give you at least one of those (will also be campaigning for Dave Page, Qassim Afzal, Lev Eakins and John Leech, so can only do one or at most two days).

      • Jennie says:

        I need to sort out leaflet printing. Will let you know.

        As for the other… all my grandparents are now dead, and I think most of my family are aware that I am… unusual in my lifestyle choices.

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