Election-Free Linkblogging For 09/04/10

During this election I’m going to do at least one linkblog a week with no politics in it, in the hope that this plus the When Worlds Collide posts will stop this blog toppling over totally into politics-wonkery. With that in mind…

My third-round match in the Pop World Cup is up. This time I’m playing Stereo Total, but up against Ghana who’ve won both their previous rounds… (thanks to Tilt for suggesting these – I’d completely forgotten they were German, as they sound more French to me IYKWIM).

Quite possibly the best website ever – Michael Buble Being Stalked By A Velociraptor.

Andrew Rilstone has published a book of his blog posts about the Welsh Series. I read these as they happened – in fact Rilstone’s writing was what made me return to Doctor Who fandom in 2002ish after a decade or so away – and it was fascinating and heartbreaking to watch his initial huge enthusiasm for the Welsh show (as I had as well) collapse to rage and disappointment. I hope he includes his review of the “Eurovision Song Contest” Doctor-lite episode, one of the funniest things I’ve read on his site. Buy The Viewers Tale and Rilstone’s other two books here. (I’ll be buying at the end of the month)

I can’t remember if I’ve linked to Ben’s Prison Blog before, but I should have. Here’s his account of his involvement in a riot in the early 90s

And two great posts on Too Busy Thinking About My Comics – on endings to ongoing narratives and on Foggy Nelson and real heroism.

By the way, for those wondering about PEP! 2, I’ve so far got articles in from Gavin B, Gavin R, David Allison, Bill (Plok) Ritchie and Colin (Colsmi) Smith, along with definite promises of articles from Debi Linton and Holly Matthies and possibles from Alex Wilcock, Richard Flowers and Alix Mortimer, and a comic strip and cover by Wesley (the cover shows Cerebus meeting a Clanger on the moon. You need to get this just for that). Should be at least as good as the last issue.

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