A Favour For A Friend

My friend Tilt, who I’ve mentioned on here before and who occasionally comments, moved last year to California from Bradford. He’s currently trying to get registered to vote from abroad in the upcoming election, and – absolutely bizarrely – it appears that in order to get registered he needs to find *another* British ex-pat who’s willing to co-sign the forms, along with adding their passport number. Unless he can find someone else who no longer lives in the UK to sign, he won’t get to vote.

Now, this seems absolutely *stupid* to me, but I’m all too aware (having a USian wife) of the bizarre hoops people have to jump through for either country’s terrible immigration rules, and I’d like to minimise this in his case, so if any of my readers happen to be British ex-pats who’d be willing to help out, let me know.

(Incidentally, in case this makes a difference, while *I* am partisan in this election, I’ve never discussed party politics with Tilt, and do not have any idea which way he would vote. Our friendship is based more around discussion of music, vintage TV programmes, comics, and so forth).

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2 Responses to A Favour For A Friend

  1. burkesworks says:

    Anyone know what the time limit is on this? I know some British ex-pats who’d do it, but they’re in Austin and Baltimore…

    (and it’s worth doing as I strongly suspect he’s not just on our side but registered in my very marginal seat, whose candidate’s election launch I’m visiting in about 10 minutes…)

  2. S. Barrios says:

    British ex-pats in California? there is an old book/movie about this, huh? The Loved One.

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