Linkblogging for 05/04/10

And a few links before I go to bed (Mark Thomas and When Worlds Collide posts tomorrow).

Jess Nevins rewrites the King In Yellow in the style of The Cat In The Hat

Rachel Zall on homosexual cooties

Lib Dems reviewing The Eleventh Hour – Millennium Elephant (and Daddy Richard), his Daddy Alex (with stuff about Quatermass and Harry Potter too) and Jennie

Dave Page talks about Manchester Lib Dems’ local election manifesto

And The Heresiarch sums up a lot of my own problems with the Singh libel case

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4 Responses to Linkblogging for 05/04/10

  1. Alex Wilcock says:

    Coo, thanks for the links! I’d just pasted yours in when I saw. Also, had to stifle giggles at The King In the Hat last night when Richard had gone to bed. Dementedly brilliant – I’m so glad you found that!

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Jess Nevins is one of my very favourite bloggers – he combines a ludicrously vast and encyclopaedic knowledge of 19th- and early-20th-century pulp fiction (not just USian but from every corner of the world) with the kind of playful stuff you saw there. You should bookmark his site…

  2. Zom says:

    Ever visited Playing D&D with Pornstars ? It’s currently my favourite blog (other than yours, natch).

    Admittedly I haven’t played an RPG in years and I probably won’t be playing any in the foreseeable future but as I’ve said over on Mindless Ones the whole thing is like one great big D&D rogue’s review and it’s great. Interestingly the playing D&D with pornstars bit is the least interesting aspect of the blog – just a sensational hook, really.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I’d not seen that (and no need for the caveat – that you read my blog at all means more than where it stands in a ranking of favourites – though thank you nonetheless), but I’m going to *have* to read it regularly now.

      (Didn’t reply til now because all my netting for a few days was at work, and that sounded NSFW)/

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