Aaron Murin-Heath and my Liberal Conspiracy post – a clarification

This will be (I hope) the last I mention any of this.

I’ve had a couple of emails today from Aaron, relating to this post and saying a few things:

Firstly, that he had not intended to defend Mike Power’s threats of violence against me back in December. That’s certainly not how his behaviour appeared at the time, but that all took place in public so I’ll leave it to others to judge for themselves. I’ll accept his word for his intent, myself.

Secondly, that he apologised for the specific problem I mentioned – that he’d hurled abuse at me for defending myself against Power’s threats of assault. He accepts that he was wrong to do so, and it seemed so out-of-character for him that I accept his belated apology (I’d had very public disagreements with Aaron about many things, and could have given you quite a long list of bad things I could imagine him saying or doing – as I’m sure he could me – but I wouldn’t have expected *that* of him, so I’m willing to believe it was a one-off, out-of-character event. God knows I’ve done things I’ve needed to apologise for myself, so I can understand that…)

Thirdly, that he was worried that my post might affect his reputation and/or career. I would argue that it would do so no more than the original public argument that was all online in publicly-readable venues, but given that the reason for the existence of the post was because I didn’t want my *own* reputation to be damaged, I can appreciate his concern.

And fourthly, that not only is he no longer involved in Liberal Conspiracy by choice, but that they stole his post as well as mine! .

Anyway, I’ve removed the block on Aaron commenting here, should he wish to clarify any further (Aaron – I’ve removed the blocks on your name and email, but your IP may still be blocked. If you post and it gets trapped, I will see it and remove the block), but I just wanted to make clear that while I don’t think either of us will be inviting the other round for dinner any time soon, he has done the honourable thing and apologised, and as far as I’m concerned bygones are bygones with him.

Anyway, sorry for bringing up an incredibly tedious issue again, and I promise tomorrow I’ll do a post about Batman to make up for it.

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